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Product Name: Fiberglass
Product No.: Fiberglass
Airgrande fiberglass products are widely used in dust filtration for industries such as iron and steel, cement, electricity, waste incineration, alloy, carbon black, chemical etc., its emission standard can reach 5mg/m3.
  1. 1. Perfect heat resistance, suitable for conditions where the highest temp is up to 280 degree Celsius
  2. 2. Good dust separation capability, low power consumption for ash removal.
  3. 3. Robust shape maintaining, no fiber shrinkage under high temperature.
  4. 4. Good chemical resistance, more stable than other filter media except for acid and alkali.
  5. 5. Fiberglass filter fabric does not absorb moisture.
  6. 6. Filtering efficient of fiberglass filter bag can be over 99.5%, and can capture particles below the level PM2.5.
  7. 7. High tensile strength, can reach more than 2500N/25mm.

Fiber and scrim types Temp.(peak) Code Hydrolysis-resist. Acid-resist. Alkali-resist. Oxidation-resist.
Fiberglass 260(280) GL Good Moderate Moderate Excellent