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Airgrande as a professional manufacturer of filter fabrics and felt, filter bags and other related products, has served the industrial filtration field for more than 20 years. Airgrande is an innovative company offering cost efficient filtration solutions to help customers grow their market share and generate profits for them. We offer one-stop shopping experience for all demands related to baghouses such as equipment, parts and raw material for manufacturing filter bags, filter cages, we also provide other baghouse parts through partner factories.

Why Choose Airgrande?

Airgrande has invested in advanced needle punched felt production lines, filter bag sewing lines and fiberglass weaving lines, has established complete quality control system, has set up a strong research and development team, we have achieved great technological development in PTFE membrane laminating and nano coating, our products will help you meet even the toughest environmental emission requirments.

Airgrande products are widely used in cement factories, steelworks, coal-fired power plants, waste incineration stations, biomass plants, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food processing, asphalt industry, non-ferrous metal production, wood processing, etc.

Airgrande can offer needle punched felt of all kinds of materials: polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, aramid, P84, glass-fiber, PTFE, etc., and can offer filter cloth of different treatments: water and oil repellent, antistatic, PTFE coating, Teflon, PTFE membrane lamination, silicon, graphite etc. Our most advanced bag sewing lines can sew filter bags of best quality.

Airgrande can also weld filter cages in different designs and materials: round, oval, star, pleated, mild steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel.

Airgrande also offers fiberglass filter cloth in two major categories: fiberglass filter frbric and base fabric, totally more than one hundred varieties, plus we offer customers with high performance filter bag sewing thread of aramid, glass-yarn, PPS, PTFE and other materials.

Last but not least, through partnered factories Airgrande provides top brand filter bag tubing automatic sewing lines, auto filter bag cage welding machines, cage parts such as top collars, bottom pans, venturis and other metal accessories such as snap bands, steel bands, rivets etc. In all, the wide coverage of our product porfolios will help customers fulfill their demands with speed and cost efficiency.

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