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Product Details
Product Name: Needle Felt
Product No.: See table below
Airgrande filter media are made of different fibers and scrims, such as PE, PAN, m-Aramide, PPS, PI, PTFE and glass fibers, they are used in various conditions according to gas condition and emission requirements. According to different requirements, filter media can be treated through singing, calendaring, ePTFE membrane, anti-static, water, oil repellent, etc.
We have filter media for any type of industrial dust filter. The cloth width is up to 2.5 meters. The weight is from 300-950 g/m2. We can produce filter media according to your requirements.
The advantages of Airgrande filter media:
  • 1. Long service life
  • 2. Constant pressure drop
  • 3. Dimensional stable and mechanically resistant
  • 4. Easy elimination of dust cake
  • 5. Required dust emission

Fiber and scrim types Temp.(peak) Code Hydrolysis-resist. Acid-resist. Alkali-resist. Oxidation-resist.
Polypropylene 95(95) PP Excellent Excellent Excellent Moderate
Polyamide 110(115) PA Limited Moderate Good Moderate
Polyacrylonitrile homopolymer 125(140) DT Good Good Good Good
Polyester 150(150) PE Moderate Good Moderate Good
Polyphenylene sulphide 190(200) PPS Excellent Excellent Excellent Moderate
m-Aramide 200(220) MX Moderate Moderate Moderate Good
Polyimide 240(260) PI Good Moderate Moderate Good
Polytetrafluorethylene 250(280) PTFE Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Fiberglass 260(280) GL Good Moderate Moderate Excellent